We’ve seen the software platforms out there for truckers. We know they’re clunky. We know they require too much detail. Our goal was to create easy-to-use, powerful software that helps truckers manage their business without all the setup time and accounting knowledge that other products require.

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ProfitHauler Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

  • Assess the health of your trucking business at a glance
  • Display the metrics that are most important to you
  • Create metrics so you can see information from the last year, month, week, or day
Generate Custom Reports

Generate Custom Reports

  • Create Income & Expense Statements, Per Mile Summaries, and More in just one click
  • View reports to see how you did last month or where you stand for the year
  • Email or print your reports straight from your computer or smartphone to make tax season a breeze
ProfitHauler Receipt Image

Snap a Photo and Go!

Our mobile app lets you to snap a picture and pitch the receipt. No more shoe boxes full of receipts. No more ugly spreadsheets.

  • Record receipts items in seconds
  • Match receipts with specific expenses
  • ProfitHauler does the hard work of categorizing your expenses so you don’t have to
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ProfitHauler11:25 PM
Please log your location for today

Nightly Location Logs

ProfitHauler is not a substitute for your detailed nightly log, but it lets you easily track your nights out so that you can maximize your Per Diem tax exemption at the end of the year.

  • Tell ProfitHauler what time you want to be reminded to add a Nightly Log
  • Log your location in one click using GPS
  • Reference these logs to maximize your Per Diem refunds