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The solution for
the independent trucker

We believe that keeping your books up to date should be simple.

That’s why we built ProfitHauler. It’s an easy-to-use truck driver accounting software program that helps you manage your business by tracking receipts, nightly logs, income and per diem exemption with an easy to use web application or your mobile device. If you are an Independent Owner Operator, and wish bookkeeping wasn’t such a tedious task, then we think you’ll like our product.

Plus, unlike other options on the market, ProfitHauler requires no setup and no prior knowledge of accounting. Simply create your online account and start inputting expenses right away!

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Stay organized on the go.

Turn your down time into productive time by using the ProfitHauler app on your mobile device. All your information is stored securely on the cloud and available whenever you need it. Apps are available for Android and iOS devices!

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